We Understand the Industrial Sector

CIOs in industrial markets are seeking partners to help them transform their business and address a range of operational challenges including the following:

  • Modernizing legacy back-office systems (ERP, SCM, BPA) to improve data sharing and accuracy
  • Transforming data into actionable insight to mitigate lost revenue opportunities
  • Developing embedded sensors and M2M performance monitoring
  • Customizing applications to meet specific workflow and process needs

We can help you navigate these and other industrial enterprise software challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.

We Enable Businesses Transformation

We provide strategic guidance to CIOs and line-of-business leaders to ensure they have the appropriate industrial enterprise software portfolio to meet their business objectives. This even includes strategies for developing new applications, modernizing legacy applications, and integrating applications from M&A.

Below are some examples of recent Qubiteq projects:

  • Distribution and Logistics: We developed an inventory management system for tracking inventory levels, locations and destinations. This included mobile capabilities for automated, real-time geo-location logging to eliminate data-entry errors.
  • Natural Resources/Commodity Trading: We re-architected a legacy analytics system that integrated data feeds from 100 global market information sources to match inventories against demand trends. By improving its analytics and data display/reporting functionality, we helped the firm gain better insight into global trends.
  • Chemical Processing and Manufacturing: We re-wrote a forecasting analysis application to accommodate substantially larger data sets while introducing a layered security model to allow more granular security administration. Additional features included improved search and filter functionality to improve user experience.