We Understand the Healthcare Sector

As a CIO you’re under pressure to both improve internal IT/IS efficiencies while enabling your line-of-business executive peers to reach strategic objectives. That’s why you’re likely seeking a partner that can help you address a range of operational challenges including the following:

  • Data sharing between EHR systems using Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) data integration to support the HITECH Act
  • Setting up mandated state Healthcare Information Exchanges (HIEs) – including content management, portals, eCommerce and CRM – to address healthcare reform
  • Deploying encryption technology for protected healthcare information (PHI) for HIPAA compliance
  • Assigning application roles and security to support mobile health and BYOD
  • Deepening patient engagement via digital information access
  • Designing and deploying cloud applications for storage and compute scalability
  • Telemedicine
  • Clinical data analytics

We can help you navigate these and other healthcare software challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.


We Enable Business Transformation

We provide strategic guidance to CIOs and line-of-business leaders to ensure they have the appropriate healthcare software portfolio to meet their objectives. This even includes strategies for modernizing legacy applications, integrating applications from M&A, integrating digital touch points, and enabling patient insights and analytics.

Below are some examples of recent Qubiteq projects:

  • Hospital network: We developed a HIPAA-compliant tool that integrates with Voalte, Amion, LDAP and Active Directory to improve collaboration and accountability and improve patient care. The tool included task-oriented communications and assignments with notifications and tracking of assignment to physicians’ mobile devices.
  • Medical device manufacturer: We designed and developed a solution for automating the generation of documentation for FDA submission to improve accuracy and timeliness.
  • Blood/drug supplier: We designed and developed a custom laboratory management system to track clinical trials including data input, reporting and analytics.
  • Blood/drug supplier: We designed and developed a HIPAA-compliant and fully secure SaaS platform to integrate hospital labs and medical instruments for tracking, recording and analyzing blood and drug use during surgical procedures for regulatory compliance and billing. The system enabled real-time data sharing and monitoring across entire hospital network with the ability to “invite” physicians in remote locations to offer medical opinions during surgical procedures.
  • Blood screening provider: The client needed to integrate blood management software and phlebotomy blood draw data software to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of transcription error when hospitals use the two systems separately. We implemented a “REST API” so that the two systems could communicate with each other, eliminating the need for users to manually key data into both systems. This made the process more efficient for staff operators and reduced the risk of error.