Custom Enterprise Business Process Automation Software Systems and Solutions

Businesses can improve agility and customer engagement by identifying manual processes, poorly integrated systems, or inefficient data processing routines that can be automated.

Why Custom BPA Software Matters

Examples of business benefits derived from business process automation include:

R.J. Reynolds – By automating its Accounts Payable, it:

  • Reduced invoice processing costs by 53%
  • Decreased clerical staffing requirements by 25%
  • Increased transaction volume by 16%

Frito Lay – By automating its purchasing processes, it:

  • Saved between 30,000 to 50,000 work hours per year
  • Reduced its distribution centers by 10%

Cisco Systems – Adopting web-based customer relationship management led to:

  • 75,000 fewer customer phone calls per month
  • More than $270 million savings in annual operating expenses