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An innovative Sports Membership management solution providing value added services to associations, teams, fan clubs and sports events organizers, introducing a novel user experience in the world of sports

NFC Sports is a complete integrated solution aiming to provide management tools and services for sports’ associations, teams, fan clubs and events organizers. The solution is based on contactless technology and NFC enabled devices assuming multiple roles and providing enhanced services covering a broad range of sports activities.

Athletes, fans, coaches and officials register on the NFC Sports registration platform and receive their personalized membership badge through the issuance and accreditation modules. The NFC Sports Badge is a secure electronic ID that allows every member to get personalized service in various service locations by simply touching NFC enabled devices running applications such as tournament registration, ticketing, access control, attendance, e-purse, marketing surveys, loyalty schemes etc.

The information collected in real-time, is stored and aggregated in the NFC Sports database providing value added statistics and reporting to all parties involved (administrators, marketers, athletes, members, fans etc.).

Platform Advantages

  • Versatile Solution, numerous use cases
  • Open architecture, interaction with existing systems
  • Comprehensive planning and preparation
  • Detailed reporting and analysis
  • Real-time monitoring – Proof of presence
  • Personal e-Purse for members
  • Multi-device and multiplatform
  • Continuous Service and Data Integrity Assurance