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A comprehensive data collection and processing solution aiming to support field service activities, offering tracking of service personnel and bringing details from the field into perspectiv

The “NFC Field Service” platform is a new, versatile, NFC based solution that facilitates data collection from the field, in cases where individual workers or crews perform a service in various locations. Use cases include equipment or assets’ maintenance, customer feedback and surveys, various installations’ inspection etc.

Crews or workers can be directed via their NFC mobile devices along preset scheduled service routes, or forwarded dynamically to respond to service calls.

By touching their mobile phone to the NFC tag installed on site, they accept context sensitive information while a dynamically assigned questionnaire is loaded over-the-air and their presence is accurately recorded.

Results are then transmitted back to the “NFC Field Service” platform, which in turn stores and processes the field information according to customized business intelligence rules.

Administrative users can have a clear overview of field operations; they monitor results and inspect statistics and status reports, based on serviced locations and personnel.

Platform Advantages

  • Versatile Solution, numerous use cases
  • Status and service delivery feedback enriched and digitized
  • Proof of Presence, ease of use
  • Real-time data communications
  • Multi-device and multiplatform
  • Strict SLA monitoring
  • Continuous Service Guaranteedn