Application Services: Enterprise Software & Technology Solutions

We are not software developers – we are business and technology experts who solve business problems through software.  That means our measure of success is not just delivering your application project on-time and on-budget, but delivering the business outcome you expect from the application.

Need more reasons to choose Qubiteq?  Here are three more:

Reason #1: We Diagnose and Solve the Right Problem

Part of delivering business results from enterprise applications is solving the right problem. All of our engagements start with our Technical Analysis and Discovery program. This thorough process consists of interviews with your key stakeholders – business analysts, SMEs, end users, internal sponsors, existing development team, support, and operations staff – and review of existing assets, including code artifacts.

Prior to beginning any coding, we provide you with the following comprehensive deliverables:

  • A complete review of your existing technical assets, including recommendations on what needs to be refactored, re-platformed, or replaced
  • Recommended feature set for a first-release minimally viable product
  • A full, prioritized backlog of deliverables, broken down into distinct incremental milestones
  • Complete technical solution architecture blueprints
  • Recommended delivery team staffing and delivery timeline
  • User interface prototypes and wireframes
  • A firm, fixed price for project completion

Reason #2: Our Development Methodology

Despite all the hype surrounding traditional Agile development, there are limitations:

  • Agile is built around numerous ceremonial elements (e.g., sprints, scrums, standups, etc.) and creates an over-reliance on being able to fix design oversight in real time. As a result, developer teams often end up with shortsighted requirements each sprint cycle.
  • Because Agile is focused almost entirely on the development portion of a project (i.e., the coding and delivery of features), it overlooks the importance of involving end users in the process. So your development team can be “agile” but it’s of little value if the application it delivers doesn’t satisfy end-user requirements and needs to go back into development for modification.
  • In an Agile development project, the Project Manager is supposed to stay one sprint ahead to create the development log. But you need more runway than that to ensure you’re building the right thing to begin with. Plus, in many environments, it takes significant time to gather feedback and get final approval for each feature.

Our unique ROI-driven development (RDDM™) methodology eliminates the pitfalls of traditional Agile development and delivers a 98% project success rate across our client base.

  • We build a delivery plan that makes it possible to shorten the development cycle. This begins at the outset of a project, when we help you understand the level of participation needed. In the end, you can move to production faster and earlier than you’ve likely experienced for previous development projects.
  • Timely feedback is critical for short development iterations. We structure the project so actual end users put the application to the test and provide early feedback. By putting a viable, functional product into your end users’ hands early, we make adjustments based on feedback instead of assumptions and do it sooner than later.
  • We keep the features “in progress” to a manageable list. With the goal being to get an app into production, it doesn’t make sense to wait until giant units of functionality are complete. We break tasks into smaller components to accelerate the development cycle. Every week we deliver feature-complete, verified, ready-to-accept work that you can fully test. That means if the functionality suits your needs, you can put components into production every two weeks. In most cases, our full development cycle is 4-12 weeks end to end.

Reason #3: Our Transparent Approach to Project Quotes

The last thing you want is a budget surprise. But unfortunately, that’s a commonplace occurrence in complex application development projects — unless you work with Qubiteq. We apply a rigorous methodology to understanding your business and project needs, diagnosing and scoping the right solution to deliver the results you want – accompanied by a fixed-price quote.  Because we are confident in our approach to correctly scoping your solution, we assume the financial risk if additional hours are needed to complete the original scope of work.

The benefit of this approach is that you receive a reliable project cost estimate that you can plan for without worrying about cost overruns and making incremental budget requests to your CFO.